Name Version
terraform >= 0.12


Name Version
aws n/a
random n/a


Name Description Type Default Required
allow_major_version_upgrade Indicates that major version upgrades are allowed bool false no
auto_minor_version_upgrade Indicates that minor engine upgrades will be applied automatically to the DB instance during the maintenance window bool true no
backup_retention_period Backup retention period number 7 no
engine Define the engine for the database string n/a yes
identifier The name for the resources string n/a yes
multi_az Set to ‘true’ to deploy the rds instance as multi-az bool false no
publicly_accessible Bool to control if instance is publicly accessible bool false no
rds_allocated_storage Allocated storage number 21 no
rds_database_name Name of the database string "default_database" no
rds_engine_version Engine version for the db string n/a yes
rds_instance_class Instance class for the database string n/a yes
rds_master_username Master username for the database string "root" no
rds_parameter_group_family Parameter group family for the instance string n/a yes
security_groups Security group list(string) n/a yes
skip_final_snapshot Determines whether a final DB snapshot is created before the DB instance is deleted bool true no
storage_type Storage type for the db string "gp2" no
subnets A list of VPC subnet IDs list(string) n/a yes
tags Tags to be applied to the resource map {} no
vpc_id VPC id for the resources string n/a yes


Name Description
output n/a