No requirements.


Name Version
aws n/a


Name Description Type Default Required
elasticache_engine Define the Elasticache engine to be used string "redis" no
elasticache_engine_version Define the Elasticache Redis engine version string "4.0.10" no
elasticache_instance_type Define the instance size string "cache.t2.small" no
identifier Define an identifier/name for the cluster string n/a yes
maintenance_window Define the Maintenance Window string "wed:13:00-wed:14:00" no
num_cache_nodes Number of cache nodes needed number 1 no
parameter_group_name Parameter Group for the redis cluster string "default.redis4.0" no
port Define the port to be used for Elasticache Redis number 6379 no
public_subnets_ids List of subnets for the resource network scope list n/a yes
sg_redis security group for redis list(string) n/a yes
tags Tags to be applied to the resource map {} no
vpc_id Define ID of the VPC where cluster is to be created string n/a yes


Name Description
output n/a