Name Version
terraform >= 0.12


Name Version
datadog n/a


Name Description Type Default Required
enable Tag to enable disable monitors creation bool false no
include_tags Option for setting up tag inclusion in monitor title while triggering. bool true no
message Initial message to add in monitor string n/a yes
name The title/name of monitor string n/a yes
new_host_delay Delay evaluation for new host. number 300 no
no_data_timeframe Timeframe for no dfata notification. number 20 no
notify_audit Set true to get notification on monitor modification. bool false no
notify_no_data No data notification bool true no
query The monitor query string n/a yes
renotify_interval Interval for renotification if monitor is in triggered state. number 90 no
require_full_window Option for setting full window evaluation for datadog monitor. bool true no
tags Add values to set tags for monitor. map {} no
thresholds warning,critical,ok thresholds map {} no
type Defining monitor type string n/a yes


Name Description
output n/a