Name Version
terraform >= 0.12


Name Version
aws n/a


Name Description Type Default Required
associate_public_ip_address Associate a public ip address with an instance in a VPC bool false no
ebs_optimized If true, the launched EC2 instance will be EBS-optimized bool true no
eks_cluster_id If set add the tag = owned string "" no
iam_instance_profile The name attribute of the IAM instance profile to associate with launched instances string n/a yes
identifier The name for the resource string n/a yes
image_id AMI to use string n/a yes
instance_type EC2 Instance type to use string "t2.micro" no
key_name The name of the key-pair to use string n/a yes
max_size Maximun number of instances in the ASG number 5 no
min_size Minimum number of instances in the ASG number 1 no
security_groups List of security groups to assign to instances list(string) [] no
subnets A list of subnet IDs to launch resources in list(string) n/a yes
tags Tags to be applied to the resource map {} no
user_data_base64 base64-encoded user-data string "" no
volume_size The size of the root ebs volume number 20 no
volume_type The type of volume. Can be ‘standard’, ‘gp2’, or ‘io1’ string "gp2" no


Name Description
output n/a